Benefits Of Living In A Luxurious Gated Community

In our bid to bring residents closer to pristine environs of Dehradun while still living in luxury, we present The Oriana – private retreat nestled in picturesque surroundings. These ultra-luxury and Eco-friendly residences are an exceptional opportunity to breathe the freshest air and enjoy stunning sunlight without giving up the pleasures of contemporary urban living.

With ample green spaces, fresh air and sunlight, Oriana stands just 20 kilometers away from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dehradun road, making it the most sought-after property in Dehradun. The idyllic neighborhood has easy access to the city’s renowned hubs and promotes an ideal balance between people and nature.

One thing is for sure, living luxuriously is everyone’s dream, and why not? Luxurious apartments, in particular, provide a whole set of the bundle, which an individual can unwrap and live excitingly. It is basically a lifestyle that many people crave for, and it is especially for the gated communities. Such communities with astounding features are just hard to find in today’s modern world.

Everyone wants secured parameters and full-time maintenance in their gated colonies. Why is that so? Because people have spent a huge amount of currency in order to live with such a lifestyle. The Oriana by Best Developers & Builders ensures security, safety, privacy and support to all the people living in it. A complex made to be people’s home has a lot of benefits. Sometimes the benefits can be standard ones but this one holds way too much for anyone to think about. Here are a few benefits of these super luxury apartments in Dehradun.

A Healthy Lifestyle 

Luxury apartment gated communities are meticulously maintained so as to reduce pollution. One of the major things looked after is the environment that is kept clean throughout through waste management and regular landscaping. Not only does it affect your health in so many positive ways but it justifies the importance of staying amidst such an environment.

The Unmatched Amenities 

Other than security, comfort and maintenance features, top-class amenities come under one aspect that makes a gated community worth living in. Have you ever thought, what defines luxury in an apartment or a complex? Well, the designs, be it exterior or interior. A design basically guarantees comfort to anyone’s eyes. Moreover, The Oriana is pet-friendly and the residents have an option to choose an apartment according to their own preferences.


Extra Parking 

People who tend to live in apartments always have one concerned and that is about the safety and security of their own vehicles. A luxurious gated community means that they are not only protected from burglary and theft but also from different forms of weather conditions.

Serene Views 

There’s one thing that you are just going to love and that is, the open areas and the views around the complex. With Mussoorie in sight, and the whole Garhwal range parked all around the complex, it is hard to take your eyes off, at times. The balconies are designed in such a way that you get a spectacular view of the surroundings and the city.